Beyoncé's stunning performance at Sunday's Super Bowl undoubtedly raised the bar for future performers.

But before they can figure out how to top this year's performance, NFL executives have to solve a much more basic problem for next year's Super Bowl: How to stage a halftime show in frigid New Jersey.

The New York Post reported that the league is struggling to nail down the logistics of a halftime show in what is expected to be cold weather.

"It's not only the acts and the singers but [also] the crews that have to put the stage together," a source told the Post. "You know, the assembly has to be done a certain way. It's choreographed and rehearsed so it can be assembled and disassembled as fast as possible. And you just can't assemble the stage and break it down fast enough in the cold."

As of now there are no plans for a halftime show, and the source told the Post that the planning committee has not yet decided what to do if the show was to be scrapped.

Super Bowl XLVIII will take place on Feb. 2, 2014, in East Rutherford, N.J. This year on Feb. 2, the high in East Rutherford was 29 degrees and the low was 19.

If there is a halftime show next year, organizers likely won't be short on options. Already names like Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen and the Eagles have been thrown out as possible performers.

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